V Partner

Hendra Nilam

The difference between QNET and V Partner Hendra Nilam's previous business is that in QNET, VP Hendra Nilam has now more freedom and happiness.



"I can help others while raising myself," he said.

Prior to joining The V family and being announced as a V Partner at V-Malaysia 2017, VP Hendra Nilam worked for more than 20 years in various businesses. He had also worked as a real estate business development owner, however, he lost everything when the world economic crisis struck.

VP Hendra’s initial impression is that QNET is just another extra income business, however he soon realised that QNET, even with a small capital is about making a fortune, not only in terms of financial, but also in social aspects because you get to help others.

His group A-Team International is committed to build "Family Foundation " through learning, raising each member and serving others. And they do so with hard work and dedication, rather than speedy results. "I always believe in Dato' Sri Vijay's teaching 'Slow is fast, Fast is Slow,” he said.

His advice in succeeding is based both on skills and heart. "Care (for) everyone who is committed (to the business ) like I care (for) myself. I believe (that) what goes around comes around". He knows this because he got where he is today not only because he worked hard but also because he was "entrusted and cared" for by kind-hearted people.

"(I) do the best I can for my (loved ones) and for mankind". This is how he mentors his own downlines, by teaching them that success is all about a compassionate, and collaborative effort.

The journey was difficult for him at the beginning because not all of his family and friends saw QNET's potential, but now his wife, three daughters, and son are all part of the business while living a wonderful life in Australia.

His hobbies include reading books, playing sports, cheering up people, cooking for family and friends and traveling with his family and networking cohorts.