Logo Rationale

Breaking the boundaries

Limits begin and end in the mind. To be limitless is to go beyond the fences you’ve built around yourself, to keep you from stepping out of your comfort zone. Become the limitless person you want to be everyday, and soon, you’ll see that what seemed to be impossible at first has become your reality. It’s only when you’re brave enough to experience new things, and decide to get out of a safe and secured life that you’ll discover your true human potential.

The new logo is in ‘3D’ format. Our decision to veer away from flat illustrations connote our desire towards moving to different directions, may it be forwards, backwards, left or right. This freedom to have multiple dimensions shows our desire to break the boundaries, and continue to raise the bar.


The logo’s angular features mimic the shape of a diamond.

Like a diamond that went through burning, bending and grinding but still ending up beautiful, The V had its own share of trials and difficulties before it became the stable company that it is today. From humble and turbulent beginnings 18 years ago, The V has extended its arms to embrace warriors worldwide. As V Founder Joseph Bismark puts it, “Despite negative hearsay and doubters, the company is still around, continuing to fulfill every warrior’s dream.”

The shape of the logo is also inspired by the Mobius Ring, which is often resembles infinity. You can’t distinguish the inside and outside of the Mobius Ring, all you can recognize is one, long, continuous side. Just like this infinite loop in our new logo, we are moving in a continuous journey.

We don’t stop once we gain financial freedom, because we know we have to evolve, to be able to help other people.

Whichever way you look at the new logo, you can clearly see The V and the letter L which stands for Limitless, go on an endless cycle of possibilities.

Resilience and infinity

Colours and Lines

The colour blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, and stability. When we reached our 18th year, V Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran said that we’ve proven that we’re no longer a company that has just began. We’re now a company that’s in a journey.

The font used for the new logo is called Avenir, French for the word future. As we go along in this journey of life, we’re trained to always look forward, to always treat future as an opportunity to change the world, and help mankind.