V Ambassadors

Building a strong network committed to fulfil our vision of RYTHM or Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, the V Ambassadors are exemplary leaders with diverse backgrounds, nationalities, creeds, and cultures who have come together to uplift people’s lives.

V Ambassadors are the most accomplished professionals in the network marketing industry, and they serve as teachers and mentors to aspiring leaders who strive to pursue success.

As an international network marketing company that aims to change lives, the V Ambassadors provide a strong core leadership that understands the challenges in this journey and how to conquer them. They facilitate global marketing events, oversee the growth and development of the markets, and share their wisdom to inspire greatness in others.

V Partners

Led by the esteemed Founders of the QI Group, the V Partners are the pioneer members of the company and networks.


Associate V Partners

To ensure the development and success of the regions, Associate V Partners are the leaders who keep the networks well informed and connected.


V Councils

The members of the V Council serve as country leaders and manage on-the-ground operations.