Frequently Asked Questions

What is The V?

The V is a global training, network marketing and development with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. By leveraging on the power of technology and media, The V aims to provide network marketing professionals with all the tools they require in order to build and expand their business beyond borders. Learn more about The V here.

What is The V website?

The V website serves as your one-stop shop for everything you need to help you throughout your networking journey. From The V Website, you can access all other websites such as VShoppe and all-new vtube!

Is the website available in other languages?

The V website is available in 8 languages: Arabic, Bahasa, English, French, Russian, Turkish, Sinhalese, and Tamil. Simply click from the drop down menu to access any of these languages. For vtube, you can access subtitles in the videos by clicking the “cc” button found at the lower right side of the video. Translations vary among the videos.

How do I register on the website?

The moment you sign up, your Upline will be sharing the Group Name with you. Enter your group name as your Team Name upon registering on the website.

What if I am using a Gmail account and I did not receive any activation email?

Open your Gmail account. On your sidebar menu, click “More” then expand the “Category” link. After expanding “Category” you will see our site activation email under “Promotions”. If it’s still not there, please contact us.

What is Voyager?

Dubbed as your “Cutting-Edge Network Marketing Partner”, Voyager Magazine is a learning tool for our Independent Representatives, providing them news, event updates, and success stories that will guide them in their journey to financial freedom.Voyager Magazine is readily available at big events of The V.

What is vtube?

vtube is an online video community dedicated to network marketing. From inspiring stories and exclusive V-Convention content to announcements, product reviews, and more, vtube houses a rich library of online videos that serve as great training tools for network marketing professionals. vtube is accessible on any device, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones through the vtube app available at Google Play Store or App Store.

Why do I need to subscribe to vtube via the e-store?

After 24 hours, all admin videos will be locked, and you can only watch them by signing up for a free subscription or upgrading your vtube account.

What can I do with the Dashboard?

Your Dashboard is where you can see and change your account details. You can also manage your vtube account and keep track of your Activity Points!

What are Activity Points?

Every activity on the website, such as creating a channel, uploading a video, watching a video, or leaving a comment, earns you Activity Points! You can use Activity Points to redeem awesome products on VShoppe.

Do my Activity Points expire?

If you’re on a free account, your Activity Points expire every 60 days. You can reclaim your expired points once you subscribe to a paid membership! This means all Activity Points earned while on a free vtube subscription will be carried over to your paid membership account!

How do I redeem my Activity Points?

You can redeem the Activity Points you’ve earned under an active paid membership. To spend your Activity Points, simply visit VShoppe and select an item with the corresponding number of points you can afford.

To learn more about vtube, click here.

What is VShoppe?

VShoppe is The V’s online marketplace where you can purchase exclusive products of The V, such as V-Convention tickets and training DVDs. You can redeem your Activity Points that you earned from browsing through vtube to purchase any item. Kindly make sure to check the corresponding number of points needed when you purchase.