Training Tools

Achieving success is made possible through excellent trainings. With the countless opportunities that can be derived through technology, The V aspires to push ourselves by providing training tools that can help us reach our limitless potential.

Consists of The V website, Voyager magazine, mobile applications, and especially the all-new vtube, these training tools are here to help our IRs enhance their network marketing skills.

The V Website

The V website serves as your one-stop shop for everything you need to help you throughout your networking journey. From this website, you can access all other websites such as VShoppe and the all-new vtube!

Keep yourself updated with the latest news, event announcements, unbelievable promos, and feature stories from The V family.


vtube is an online video community for dedicated to network marketing.

From inspiring stories and exclusive V-Convention content to announcements, product reviews, and more, vtube houses a rich library of online videos that serve as great training tools for network marketing professionals.

vtube is accessible on any device, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones through the vtube app available at Google Play Store or App Store.


Dubbed as your “Cutting-Edge Network Marketing Partner”, Voyager Magazine is a learning tool for our Independent Representatives, providing them news, event updates, and success stories that will guide them in their journey to financial freedom. It also features in-depth articles and interviews from our esteemed V Ambassadors.

Voyager Magazine is readily available at big events of The V.


Being switched on and innovative is one of The V’s greatest strengths in building the business. To ensure that our Independent Representatives and network marketing entrepreneurs are well-trained in building this business, we provide various training tools such as mobile applications which they can access anytime and anywhere.

Some of our popular applications are “Chief’s Wednesday Message” which offers all episodes from Chief Pathman Senathirajah, “vtube” which houses our extensive video library, “V InService” which is exclusive for ISB graduates, and more special apps for specific events like V-Convention.