Our History

Early 1998

“V-Team”, later to be known as “The V”, was formed. Seeing how the economic crisis was causing unemployment everywhere, this group of Network Marketing professionals realised that it was the perfect opportunity to introduce people to an unorthodox way of earning a living. What they had to offer was a business that virtually contradicted every existing rule but promised unimaginable financial and emotional rewards to anyone who had what it took to succeed.

Sept. 1998

opening of the company’s first office in the Philippines.


opening of its first headquarters at the prestigious Central Plaza Building in Hong Kong and the start of the InService Brotherhood’s conceptualization.


It was in the month of March when the Malaysian office was opened.


We saw the birth of the V’s biggest and most anticipated event: The V-Convention, or V-Con. The V-Con is the flagship event of The V – the biggest event organized by experienced Business Leaders and Global Entrepreneurs. From less than a hundred participants in the initial event in Bali, Indonesia, today’s V-Cons are attended by more than fifteen thousand participants representing as much as 80 countries around the world.

Between 2000 and 2003

expansions took place in nearly every aspect of the company. After QNET partnered with the German minting company, B.H. Mayer, the company went on to forge strong relationships with several prestigious personalities and organizations, from which was born an extensive line of gold collectible medallions, known as the JR Mayer Collection, which played a key role in bringing prestige to the company.



The company saw the opportunity to host Euro V-Con Greece in 2004. On this year, The V held its first V-Con in Europe at the Rodos Palace Hotel in the island of Rhodes, Greece. From June 6 to 9, 200 participants gathered to open a new network in Europe.

Greece was the perfect location for the first ever V-Con in Europe, as it enticed participants and aspiring networkers from Asia, Africa, and Europe to take part in the training sessions offered during the four days. “The Essence of Unity” was the theme of the convention.


Since The V believed in starting them young, a special event catering to our leaders’ young children kicked off at V-Thailand. The event now known as V-Kids started with a small group of children handled by spouses of our V-Partners and other V-Ambassadors.


Two years after their first European V-Con, The V embarked in an intensive expansion program designed especially for the European market.

Euro-VCon Madrid also served to celebrate two other milestones in the company’s history: (1) the 8th anniversary of the founding of the Qi Group of Companies; and (2) Qi’s title sponsorship of the 2006 International Badminton Federation (IBF) World Championships—which served as a firm statement of the company’s credibility, prestige and stability.

It was also in 2006 when the most successful men and women in The V had joined forces to form a powerhouse team of professional business trainers and motivational speakers, which was composed of V-Partners, Associate V-Partners and V-Council members. All together, they are called The V-Ambassadors. From “V-Team”, we have evolved to be called “The V”.

2006 was also the year when another subsidiary of Qi opened its doors, the Vijayaratnam Foundation. The birth of the Foundation was a moment of overwhelming joy; it was an opportunity to live V-Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran’s lifelong dream of continuing the philanthropic activities started by his father, Mr Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu in Malaysia. The values Vijayaratanam Foundation follows are seen in the ways of The V through their participation in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects.


A total of 200 leaders showed up for the very first ISB. The CORE InService and the V Ambassadors were part of ISB I which was held at Camp John Hay, Baguio City, Philippines.

The V also started to use the tagline “Your Success, Our Passion”.

By the close of 2007, The V’s corporate presence was firmly established in several countries, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and India. Its network included millions of names from nearly every continent around the world.


The company celebrated its 10th anniversary. One of the highlights of V-Con held at the Penang International Sports Arena from the 21st to 25th of May in 2008 was the V-Kids Convention where over 124 children of different ages and nationalities were treated to three days of fun and learning. Aside from the V-Kids Convention, other highlights of the convention included the spectacular Gala and Welcome Night and an exhibit that showcased the whole gamut of products and services from The V and its sister companies.

2008 up to the present

The V-Ambassadors grew even stronger, with the appointment of more V-Partners, Associate V-Partners and V-Council members. On top of this, a fourth tier of leaders, known as V-Elite Leaders, was formally created, making The V all the more effective in reaching out to its network.


VTube+, The V’s very own online video community, was first introduced to the network.


We entered into high-profile sports sponsorships such as the historic partnership with Virgin-Marussia in the elite world of Formula 1. On the same year, we welcomed a new product ambassador, one of the most famous cricket players in the world, Muttiah Muralidaran, famously known as Murali.

2010 was also the year, motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, Nick Vujicic spoke at V-Malaysia.


was the birth of The Zone, an intensive training program facilitated by V Founder Dato’ Vijay Eswaran. Aspirants to the Zone go through 4 days of intense reflection and self-assessment that ultimately leads to finding one’s path in life. The first program of The Zone was held in Thailand in February 2011.


QNET was a major sponsor of the Tour de Faso a major part of the African cycling circuit attracting cyclists all over the world.


We secured our place in the world of football after signing with Manchester City Football Club as its exclusive direct selling partner.

It was also in 2014 when ICE Summit or the Inner-Circle Elite was formed. Facilitated by V-Founders, the ICE (Inner-Circle Elite) Summit is an important gathering of V-Ambassadors and key Leaders representing various regions worldwide. This assembly aims to discuss the current market situations, challenges, and predictions relevant to the business, as well as plot out strategic measures in order to boost global performance.


During one of the most memorable V-Cons held in Dubai, World Ladies Tennis Champion, Martina Hingis was welcomed as our newest brand ambassador.


A record breaking number of delegates attended V-Malaysia in Penang. The arena was filled to the rafters with over fifteen thousand participants.

Anil Kapoor, an Indian actor and producer who has appeared in countless Bollywood and international films; Jackie Shroff who has been in the Hindi cinema for almost four decades and has appeared in 207 films in nine languages; and Vivek Oberoi who made his Hindi film debut went up on the V-Con stage in 2016 to share how they took the big leap to be where they are today.

And on the momentous occasion of our 18th Anniversary, we marked the commencement of development of Qi City in Ipoh, Malaysia.


The V saw the need to undergo a rebirth, thus the change in logo and tagline. From “Your Success, Our Passion” we have evolved to becoming “Limitless”. The change is more than just a renovation. It’s an expression of embodying who we truly are as a family.


This year marked the 20th anniversary of The V. Two decades of striving for success and uplifting lives, the V family continued to go beyond its limits and paved the way for worldwide change.

“One People. One Planet. One Purpose.” This year’s theme embodied what we aimed to accomplish in the future. It spoke of our vision to be united regardless of anyone’s religion, culture, or language.

Held on the 24th to 28th of April 2020 at Setia SPICE Arena, Penang, Malaysia, V-Covention drew thousands of participants from all around the world and proved how limitless we can be.

In celebration of its momentous anniversary, The V also launched “V-Convention is Coming To You” where a series of V-Convention took place in various cities in different countries.


Leadership is about being of service as you uplift lives and inspiring others to do the same.

V-Malaysia 2019 served as another breakthrough for The V family with its theme, “Lead to Inspire, Inspire to Lead.”

More people have stepped up in their pursuit of V Ambassadorship as we had 6 new Associate V Partners and 24 new V Council members.

In 2019, The V also opened its doors to bring V-Convention to another part of the globe with V-Turkey 2019! With V-Convention often held only twice a year, V-Turkey 2019 showcased how the V family strives for more.

Celebrating its 21st anniversary, The V stepped up to create more breakthroughs for its family of global network leaders.


Taking the next step to reach greater heights, The V upgraded one of its online training tools, vtube!

The new and improved vtube houses a rich video library dedicated for network marketing professionals.

Committed to its vision and mission to help people around the world, The V also launched its online events to stay connected with everyone despite the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Pioneering its first of many online trainings and events, V Connect drew thousands of participants and broke records amongst various regions. Taking a step further, V Connect Presents Talk of the Town is also taking place to provide an interactive and engaging platform where leaders get in-depth discussion on the essential topics about our business.

More exclusive online events were also launched to cater to specific participants such as V Elite Training Connect, V Educate Connect, ISB Connect, and The Zone Connects with Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran.

As The V family welcomes a new chapter, more innovations will surely take place.