Associate V Partner

Yasir Khamis

For AVP Yasir Khamis, The V is his life. A life is something that you build. It is something you cherish thus, making sure you do everything necessary to have a full and happy one.



AVP Yasir sees challenges as an opportunity to shine and to shine bright for others. This gives him a meaningful life where he not only evolves for himself, but also instigates change in his team, family, and friends.

In accomplishing his goals of opening new markets and building new leaders, he simultaneously empowers his team. His dedication in their personal development creates a platform for his team to demonstrate their abilities and to contribute to the larger cause. To move up the ranks in the network is not the only goal, but to also enrich each and everyone’s lives through their evolution and empowerment.

The V is his dreams and his future. He has worked on it, sweat and blood. This is proof that dreams do come true once you put your heart into it and not allow any kind of obstacle to diminish energy and drive. Nothing is impossible and it is evident in AVP Yasir.