Associate V Partner

Tri Hartono

Successful people are just ordinary people, but they have extraordinary thoughts and actions. When everyone is sleeping, we have to wake up first. When everyone is awake, we have to stand up right away. When everyone is standing, we have to run and take the chances that come our way.



In 2001, Associate V Partner Tri Hartono worked hard to join our business with THE V and QNET. Before joining the company, he was a catfish breeder. With a new opportunity before him, he also tried other things like borrowing and selling any kind of corn, rice, and soybean to earn before finally venturing into our journey.

AVP Tri Hartono knew that all kinds of journey have its own challenges for us to conquer. In his early years in the business, he struggled not only with rejections but also with doubts and issues raised by other people. “Everyone was avoiding me when I try to present the business, and they even called us names,” he says. But AVP Tri proved that dreams can overpower anything. “Chances like this can come only once in our life. There’s no time for us to have ‘BESOKITIS’ or procrastinate with what we do.”

BESOKITIS is actually a disease that is dangerous in the world. “Whenever there is an opportunity, you can’t always say that you’ll do it later. Procrastinating is a disease and can cause poverty at home.” With The V and QNET’s network marketing business, AVP Tri shares that we are taught by our esteemed V Ambassadors and Founders that fools can learn and the poor can be enriched, while lazy people will just keep looking for excuses.

AVP Tri continues to conquer and proves to the world that our business is the way towards success. “It changed my life. In this business, I’ve learned how to be brave and worked hard. Prospecting, presentación, follow up and repeat until I achieve my dreams.” He invites everyone he meets and presents the business.

For more than 6 months and 14 days of challenging beginning filled with struggle and hope, AVP Tri realised that The V and QNET never lied about its promise of success. As he earned more commissions and helped people change lives, AVP Tri Hartono is determined to work harder than ever before.

“Our business is real. I love QNET and The V.”