Associate V Partner

Suresh Perumal

As the eldest son in a family of six, many were skeptical when AVP Suresh Perumal took the bold decision to join QNet - leaving behind the comforts of his job as a Senior Telecommunications Engineer.



In the initial stages of his journey in the industry, he was functioning largely on the guidance and support of his team. AVP Suresh highlights the importance of the role that InService Brotherhood (ISB) has played in his life and says it has taught him invaluable lessons and pushed him to be very service-oriented in all he does.

" Taking a leap of faith and joining up was AVP Suresh’s way of answering the question which bugged him daily: ‘I have big dreams, but by what means can I achieve them?’ And QNet, as it has for many, proven to be the answer to all his questions and the trusty vehicle that has brought him to where he is today; successful and happy. With little support from his family and friends - due to the unconventional concept that the industry embodies - AVP Suresh claims that the most challenging part of the journey would be meeting with a lot of people coming from various backgrounds and the possibility of objections and criticisms.

Happily married and a father of two sons, AVP Suresh deems that some of his most fulfilling moments with QNet and The V include the day he became AVP and Core InService. His achievement of receiving the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award in 2013 also makes the list. But top of the list is the ability he now has to make his dreams a reality.

Upholding RYTHM as his guiding principle, AVP Suresh says his formula for success is the basics of ‘never giving up’, ‘daring to risk everything’ and ‘keep getting back up whenever life knocks him down’. He also goes to say that he believes strongly that teamwork and commitment and 100% pure effort are the foundation pillars for anyone who wishes to be successful - in the industry and anywhere else.

AVP Suresh looks up to Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and a number of his spiritual gurus. In his spare time, AVP Suresh enjoys watching movies, reading books, browsing through car manuals and enjoying silence.