Associate V Partner

Nasib B.R.

AVP Nasib, a civil engineer by degree, was later working as a software engineering professional in a multinational company in South India. He was searching for other opportunities for additional income, amongst his peers, colleagues and collegemates, but most of the ideas were either not workable or feasible to make it a reality. Fortunately, a college senior of his, offered the QNET and The V business opportunity to him back in 2006.



AVP Nasib B.R. says that he used to have a bucket list filled mostly with materialistic dreams, but after achieving most of these, he practically lost interest in buying most of the things that he could actually buy with money. Rather, today he wants do stuff which the people around him categorise as merely impossible. He says that failure is what will lead you to success. AVP Nasib used to run several other businesses as well. Quite a few of them did not turn out in the way that he had expected it to, but instead of getting discouraged, he kept going.

AVP Nasib says, “Challenges are opportunities.” Today, he has spread his wings across the globe into multiple businesses and is a National Award-winning film producer. Both of the films that he had produced, “Two Girls” (2016), which tackled Women Empowerment and his second film, “The Little God” (2018), had received critical acclaims in multiple international film festivals and collected a bagful of awards. AVP Nasib is currently an angel investor and a money trainer focused on impact investing, and wealth and asset management. He is also the co-founder of the award-winning Indian start-up company, incubated at IIM Bengaluru and Karnataka bio-innovation centre, Woolly Farms, with an objective of building micro-entrepreneurs in urban farming in developing countries which is a game-changing solution in the area of urban food security, helping us build a sustainable world.

Mentorship from VP V Padma played a very crucial role in his growth. He stresses that the most important rule in network marketing is to blindly follow your Upline. He has always strived to become a benchmark example of an entrepreneur not just to his Downlines, but to the younger generations as well. For AVP Nasib, it’s always about making sure that no matter what you’re doing in life, you should always try to make sure that you’re doing it with your heart, and that alone will create an impact and certainly will leave a legacy. AVP Nasib says, “Life is not just about you. Life is all about the people around you and making sure that they all can do what you can do. I believe that is success.”