Associate V Partner

Marwan Talodi

AVP Marwan Talodi believes that family is what you make it. He considers The V as a family that teaches the true meaning of life and success.



AVP Marwan’s journey with The V paved the way towards self-discovery. He’s a living proof that our lives aren’t meant to be traveled alone. We need the intervention of other people for us to grow, and enable our capability to be inspired, and at the same time, inspire other people.

AVP Marwan wants to serve as a valuable instrument in other people’s lives by guiding them in reaching ultimate success and excellence. Problems will always be there. But the challenge in coming up with a strategy to earn bigger cheques and planning for markets are things that AVP Marwan does not back down from. With his dedication and commitment, he is able to achieve what seems to be an impossible task for others whilst also building leaders in the organization.