Associate V Partner

Manoj Narayanan

Network marketing is a far cry from AVP Manoj Narayanan’s background as a Hotel Management major. His decision to begin the journey was based primarily on his trust in his good old friend, Arun George.



Things were tough as his family was doubtful of the path he took. But eventually through time and perseverance, they started to support him.

AVP Manoj stands by the quote, “Success is the sweetest revenge”.

He didn’t take the business seriously during the first few months, but when he was in Bahrain for a training, that’s when the ‘click’ happened.

Now, whenever he looks back, AVP Manoj knows that he made the right decision. Just to see the glow in the eyes of the people he has helped and to see his parents and friends happy, has made all the sacrifices and effort worthwhile.

When queried on his most challenging experience in The V, AVP Manoj mentioned that trying to convince his disapproving parents about QNET and The V was one of the toughest hurdles he had to pass, as the networking marketing industry is far from traditional and often highlighted in a bad way. Also, the routine rejections and such often made him feel beat, but he never gave up and never switched off.

Owing much of his current success to his TITANS team and uplines, AVP Manoj – who is also the ISB Number 2- states that the most amazing moment he has felt in QNET was when he heard his name called up loud and proud by Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran as an incoming Associate V Partner. He acknowledges the essential roles VP Pathman Senathirajah and the Core InService team played for his growth.

He explains that he does not believe that there is any one formula to success, rather, it is an interesting blend of attributes, such as hard work and discipline. Keeping it simple all the way and having loads of fun are also important because many people get too lost in the works and forget to take the time off to smell the flowers. AVP Manoj is very team-orientated and knows that there are no short cuts to making it to the top exempt of hard work and sheer determination!

In his leisure time, AVP Manoj enjoys gardening, is an avid sports fan and likes to delve into music, movies, travelling and cooking!

AVP Manoj looks up to the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Muhammed Ali and Roger Federer but he values his parents as his role models, above all.