Associate V Partner

Joy and Monit Copreros

They could have been happy as top-gun Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) based in Indonesia, working for one of the world’s top accounting firms. But Monit and Joy Copreros had much bigger things in mind.



So when they were invited to join The V’s Global Leaders Forum in November of 2004, the couple accepted the invitation, and then looked beyond the horizon. From then on, Monit and Joy went on to earn a seat among The V’s best leaders (the Associate V-Partners, or AVPs), penetrate the North American market of The V (particularly Canada and the U.S.), and build a global network of 120,000 Independent Representatives (IRs).

How did they do it? With the certainty that only experience and phenomenal success can give, the husband-and-wife AVP tandem are quick to cite both the factors that one can find within himself, as well as those that The V has to offer.

“Developing and keeping relationships is important,” says Joy, “keeping communication lines open and available through emails, phone calls, and monthly or annual visits to countries where the members of our network are.” She further explains how, through regular network meetings and training activities, she and Monit are able to constantly monitor, assist, teach and mentor the two groups that make up their massive network (every member of the Copreroses’ network belongs to either Group A, which consists of serious, full-time networkers; or Group B, composed of part-time networkers who prefer to move at their own pace). Through these activities, Monit and Joy are able to continuously help their downlines to forge ever farther into the uncharted frontiers of success.

The husband-and-wife team is also quick to credit their success to a leadership style that promotes empowerment. Throughout their joint career as MLMers (multi-level marketing practitioners), the Copreroses have always made it their mission to pass on leadership skills, knowledge and responsibilities to their Cell Groups—called “belayers” –and Cell Leaders. As a result, their network now boasts of some of the most resourceful and result-oriented IRs in all of The V family.

But in the face of all these, according to the Copreroses, most if not all of this success would not have been possible without the formidable “Rule 3”, a three-point success strategy developed by the leaders of The V:

1. Draw up a list of prospects with a minimum of 150 names. 2. Increase your name list by at least 10% every month. 3. No matter what happens, show a minimum of 15 presentations a month.

The Copreroses are staunch advocates of this rule. With Rule 3, “The V (has) made the perfect curriculum for success,” declare Monit and Joy. “It’s the best and only guideline to follow if you want to succeed in the networking business.” For the phenomenally successful couple, making sure that Rule 3 is learned and applied by their IRs, and monitored by their leaders, is a matter that always takes top priority.

Indeed, it is tempting to think that as founders and stewards of one of North America’s most impressive MLM networks, Monit and Joy would be ready to switch to cruise mode and bask in their own success. But then, such behavior would be quite unbecoming of a couple that can only be described as incurable achievers. And so, as The V marks 10 years of awe-inspiring success, the AVP couple turn their sight away from their glorious past, and fix their gaze on what lies ahead. The question is: what do they see?

For the Copreroses, the game plan for the future can be summed up in one name: V-Educate. This learning program, as Monit and Joy explain, contains orientation modules and training tools authored by the leaders of The V. Through V- Educate, IRs are familiarized with the ethical standards of network marketing, and are provided with a clear vision on why they are in the business, as well as checkpoints to help them see whether or not they are on the right track. “V-Educate is a big help in producing long-term results for our group,” say Monit and Joy, “and we see more of it in the future.”

With a brand of MLM leadership that has been proven exceptionally effective, and a clear-cut vision of where to take their network in the years to come, one cannot help but ask: are the Copreroses bound for another continent on the other side of the world? Perhaps the answer depends entirely on whether or not Monit and Joy would choose to cross the oceans anew. But either way, one thing is certain: with the kind of support that The V—and the Copreroses themselves—are so generously providing, surely, there is no stopping any member of the V family from becoming as successful as Monit and Joy.