Associate V Partner

Girinder Sharma

Graduating from a Hotel Management School in Singapore and earning his qualification as a lawyer, AVP Giri truly has had a journey worth admiring.



Having the initial common untrue presumption that network marketing is in essence a scam, it was definitely a life changing moment when he finally started the business. From then on, he followed the instructions of his uplines in absolute faith.

Born and raised in a family of 5, AVP Girinder Sharma is blessed with an amazing wife, Priya, and 2 unbelievable, lovely boys – Pranav and Raghav. When asked about his proudest moments, he mentions becoming a father, and being honoured the title, Associate V Partner.

With the likes of Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, Chief Pathman as his role models, it is no wonder why AVP Giri’s most valued traits are ones such as loyalty. He’s also grateful to his best friend and upline, VP Sathi Senathirajah. He firmly believes in relational leadership, and that the best way to make a team strong, is by establishing friendship first.

Learning how to be yourself, coupled with the essential hard work and go-getter attitude are what AVP Giri reveals as his formula of success. He sees his late father as his inspiration, with that he knows that he will be able to conquer anything as long as he stays motivated.

AVP Giri has always received tremendous amounts of support and encouragement from his team and his family for which he is notably grateful. In his spare time off travelling, AVP Giri enjoys spending his time in his Ipoh home, indulging his family and giving them his full attention.