Associate V Partner

Fofana Amaral

At first glance, AVP Fofana is just a normal guy living an ordinary life but once you get to know him better, you will soon realise that he is nothing short of an amazing person and a good leader!



“Born and raised in Ivory Coast in a family of six, it could be said that his introduction into the business was a quasi-miracle.”

Not a lot of people know but in 2007, AVP Fofana was, in fact, in Pune, India completing his Master of Business Administration (MBA). However, there were some greater forces at play because shortly after, his Iranian friend presented him the business.”

Always looking to learn and not one to pass up a great opportunity, he took the leap and joined QNET immediately despite his limited knowledge of the industry.”

Hence, began his networking journey in India. However, nobody joined him in his first 7-8 months there although he was very active. With his ‘never-give up spirit’, AVP Fofana was far from being discouraged but instead, he accepted his early hiccups as learning experiences. In May 2008, upon completing his MBA, he made a calculated decision to move back home to Ivory Coast.”

Back in his home country, he made presentacions, his full-time mission, the minute he landed. Just like his time in India, not everyone was receptive to his idea of a business. His family and friends were expecting him to get a traditional job and they were shocked by his choice of non-traditional business.”

In October 2009, The V approached him, and to light the spark for network marketing in the region, VC Osama was sent in. It was then that he learned more about The V and the V Ambassadors. VC Osama’s presence and encouragement caused the market to grow exponentially and finally explode in 2010.”

AVP Fofana strongly believes in the concept of ‘Leadership by Example’. Relating it to his personal journey in network marketing, he says, “ When I am a leader, I have to make sure that I am doing the work that I need to do despite all the challenges and oppositions. Let nothing come in your way and blur your vision for your goals.””


He proudly acknowledges that he enjoys the kind of life that he now because of QNET. In his free time, AVP Fofana enjoys hanging out on the beautiful beaches of Ivory Coast, and spending time with his wife and family. He draws inspiration from Nelson Mandela whom he deems to be a man of substance, and never backs down from any challenge.”