Associate V Partner

Dr. Hossam Ibraheem

AVP Dr. Hossam Ibraheem made his most life-changing decision in August of 2009 when he began his network marketing journey.



“I want to tell everyone that I’m extremely grateful to The V and QNET for giving me the chance to be the reason for the change in people’s lives.” Associate V Partner Dr. Hossam Ibraheem expresses his gratitude for being in this journey. “I look forward to helping others to change and touch a billion hearts as taught by our Founders.”

It wasn’t an easy path towards success, but AVP Dr. Hossam relentlessly braced through the challenges until he reached his dreams. He learned to adapt and conquer the challenges. “I will keep working hard as long as I breathe and bring hope in people’s lives. I believe that with guidance and support, we can do anything.”

AVP Dr. Hossam shares his main source of motivation in pursuing his dreams and fulfilling our vision. “Remember why you started this business, and accept the fact that challenges are always part of the journey. Nothing comes easy, but with your dedication, everything is possible. With The V, you are limitless.”