Associate V Partner

Digvijay Singh

When AVP Digvijay Singh started in 2010, he wasn’t sure if he was cut out for network marketing. But as he focused on learning more about the business without prejudice, he started to understand what the journey truly meant.



Becoming an AVP wasn’t a goal for AVP Digvijay. When he started out, he was an introvert working at a telecommunications company based in US, handling the south east Asian market, who liked to keep to himself. It was difficult, but he found a way to keep going. He experienced many failures, but AVP Digvijay stresses failures are what shapes a person into becoming someone who is ready to handle success.

“There’s only one way to lose in this business: it’s when you quit,” AVP Digvijay shares. By learning from VP Sachin Gupta and listening to the stories of Uplines at every V-Convention he attended, AVP Digvijay learned to keep going until his goals came true. He kept working despite being faced with many failures and rejections. He kept working until he achieved what he wanted. “If you fail, get up again. It’s not a challenge if you don’t see it as one, and I kept working on it.”

Despite facing so many challenges, AVP Digvijay says he still has a lot of areas to improve on. “I can only control myself and change myself. All I knew was to work hard,” he says. “Just do what you have to do. Be honest to yourself, to your team, and to the business.”