Associate V Partner

Dauren Issabayev

Even after ten years in the business, AVP Dauren Issabayev isn’t slowing down in his journey towards achieving his dreams. He believes that time passes by faster when a person works towards his goals of success.



In 2009, AVP Dauren Issabayev joined The V family to fulfil a promise he made to his mother: to change for the better and help raise his family.

While AVP Dauren received the support of his immediate family, his friends and other relatives weren’t so keen on the business. He experienced a lot of hardships, and it took time until AVP Dauren was finally able to fulfil most of his goals. “As long as our heart beats, we should rise and achieve our goals. We should live the way we want, achieve everything we want, so we can die with a happy smile on our face,” AVP Dauren said.

Becoming an Associate V Partner is of course not the end goal for AVP Dauren. While chasing his own dreams, he is hard at work in helping others achieve theirs. He aims to become a role model to his team, helping and supporting everyone who follows their dreams, no matter what.