Associate V Partner

Cynthia Nilam & Dr. Ferry Ruskim

For AVP Cynthia Nilam and Dr. Ferry Ruskim, being in this journey is like taking care of a family. No matter what the challenges they face, they face it together.



“In this journey, we’re stronger together.” AVP Cynthia NIlam and Dr. Ferry Ruskim both felt that they now had an even bigger responsibility upon being announced as Associate V Partners. It was a start of a new journey to help more people as a team and as family. “We want to make people happy, and to achieve their dreams.”

“This journey is not just about making money, it’s about how to help people grow. Running this business is like raising a family after all,” Dr. Ferry said. “We have to be the light we want to see in the world,” AVP Cynthia added. “You cannot overcome these challenges alone. There are times when you have to lean on your team and work together.”

The values of RYTHM have always moved the couple in everything they do. “This business is much different from other network marketing businesses. Here, we get to help more people to get better. It’s not always about profit, it’s about making an impact,” says Dr. Ferry. “We help with what we have.” Being sincere and open is the upper hand AVP Cynthia and Dr. Ferry have. “Practice and apply transparency and honesty. Serve your team, and you will see them change.”