Associate V Partner

Asha Krishnan

Before QNET, Asha was a stay-at-home mother of two beautiful girls, as well as a fitness instructor.



“My family is the typical African family; we were born five and raised by a single mother who used to work as a househelp to support us.” Things have greatly looked up since then: “I was able to purchase and own my very first home through QNET within the first two years [in] the business.” Now, her daughters are both engineers, and one of them has even joined her mother in achieving dreams through QNET.

“My journey with QNET and The V began in 2005, when a neighbour and friend referred VP Cherian Mathew to present the QNET business to me in Kenya. I took a decision and began the business in January 2005. The first event I attended and learned about The V was in September 2005, V-Con Thailand. It is at this point when the business clearly clicked for me, this is when I took network marketing very seriously.”

And very seriously she did, and continues to do so. For her, success is achieved by staying focused, being consistent, and keeping the business simple: “Doing the basic daily activity and lastly, empowering oneself with constant training.” But in order for these actions to ultimately bear fruit, she adds this not-so-secret formula: “believing in yourself and Never Giving Up.” These are crucial values in an industry that is largely misunderstood. “For me, the most challenging part of my networking journey has been in influencing people’s perception of network marketing worthiness in their lives.” 

She sees Mother Teresa and Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai as her role models.