We conduct meetings and events catered to markets all over the global network. These activities are the company’s core strategic marketing and communication tool, aiming to boost sales, share of information and educate thousands of leaders worldwide. Events also encourage goodwill, create a sense of belongingness and promote enthusiasm for the business. V Ambassadors may request for V events to be held for and in their respective markets.

ICE Summit (Inner Circle Elite Summit)

Facilitated by V Founders, the ICE (Inner-Circle Elite) Summit is an important gathering of V Ambassadors and key Leaders representing various regions worldwide. This assembly aims to discuss the current market situations, challenges, and predictions relevant to the business, as well as plot out strategic measures in order to boost global performance. Due to the momentous nature of this occasion, only members who have passed the yearly evaluation may attend by invitation.

InService Brotherhood Boot camp (ISB Bootcamp)

An experiential training bound with the concept of service, humility and leadership. The goal is to bring together entrepreneurs who share the same beliefs and principles and train them to become men and women of service and instill the concept of servant leadership.

Advance InService Brotherhood Bootcamp

Since its inception, the InService Brotherhood Bootcamp has been the trusted standard for assessing a leader's commitment, passion, and attitude. Now taking it to the next level is ADVANCE ISB Bootcamp, which will focus on the strengths of each department instead of merely assessing the performance of each individual, team, or group. It introduces new processes, mechanics, and practical skills application. In order to qualify, the physically fit applicant must have attended at least one (1) ISB Bootcamp.

Networking Seminar Series (NSS)

Provides networking/motivational trainings that help leverage one's networking strategies and skills and assists in the personal and professional advancement of IRs. The event is designed to address specific needs of the network. This event is also associated with V-World Tours.

Regional V-Convention (ReV-Con)

If the V-Convention is the yearly gathering of our global family, this is the smaller-scale counterpart concentrated per region, in order to reach out to our markets that may not have the capacity to attend the flagship event. Facilitated by two or more V Partners, it has an impressive lineup of training sessions tailor-fit to suit the region's specific networking needs and opportunities. A ReV-Con generally lasts for three days.

Road Show or World Tours

A series of field marketing events where V leaders go on a local, or domestic travel in any particular country, highlighting a particular campaign, product launch, or give trainings suited for the region.

V-Convention (V-Con)

The V's flagship and signature event. V-Con is a fundamental leadership development event where the vital core values of a true Leader are discerned and realized. In terms of numbers, V-Convention has the most number of participants coming from various parts of the world. V-Convention features a mix of leadership, motivational, and product trainings, as well as product and services exhibition. It lasts for five days and has been held in various countries around the world.

V Leadership Camp (VLC)

V Leadership Camp, which aims to give IRs the chance to grow and enrich themselves through a comprehensive leadership-training program. This 3-day program aims to train budding network leader on efficient business planning, goal setting, communication skill enhancement, and character development. It also aims to create leaders that follow the servant leadership. To be led by Regional V Partners, the program is set to produce effective network leaders that will eventually establish their position as network influencers.

Business Presentation

Both product training and business sales pitch event, which introduces products and the compensation plan to potential IRs.