Self-growth is essential to success and to ensure that everyone can make things happen, we conduct meetings, trainings, and events that cater to different markets all over the global network.

These events encourage the networkers to be proactive in pursuing their goals through an inspiring and informative approach. It also promotes enthusiasm for the business and creates a sense of belongingness within the V family.

As we enter a new milestone, we also now conduct online events to reach more people in different parts of the world.

V Ambassadors may request for V events to be held for and in their respective markets.

ICE Summit (Inner Circle Elite Summit)

Facilitated by our esteemed Founders, Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph ‘Japadas’ Bismark, the Inner Circle Elite (ICE) Summit is an exclusive gathering of the V Ambassadors and key representatives from various regions worldwide.

This assembly aims to discuss the current market situations, challenges, and strategic measures to boost the network’s global performance.

The event is strictly by invitation. Only members who have passed the yearly evaluation are invited.

InService Brotherhood Boot camp (ISB Bootcamp)

Founded on the philosophy of Service Above Self, the InService Brotherhood Bootcamp is one of the unique training programs held by The V. This training aims to bring the network leaders together and instil the core values of servant leadership.

Bounded by the concept of service, humility, and exemplary leadership, the ISB Bootcamp hones the physical capabilities, networking and leaderships skills, and teamwork of the network which are all essential in fulfilling our vision of RYTHM.

To qualify for this training, applicant must comply with the set criteria and complete all necessary requirements.

Advance InService Brotherhood Bootcamp

Taking the next level from ISB Bootcamp, the Advance InService Brotherhood Bootcamp focuses on enhancing the strengths of each department as one functional unit. It introduces new processes, mechanics, and practical skills application, which can help in developing the leader’s commitment, passion, attitude, and teamwork. The Advance ISB Bootcamp aims to strengthen the mind and body of its participants through various challenges and in-depth training.

To qualify for this training, applicants must accomplish all requirements. Furthermore, applicant must be physically fit and healthy and must have attended at least one (1) ISB Bootcamp.

Networking Seminar Series (NSS)

The Networking Seminar Series is designed to address the specific needs of the network by providing entrepreneurial or motivational trainings.

This training event aims to develop the leader’s networking strategies, skills, and morale which can help in their personal and professional advancement in this business.

NSS is also associated with the V World Tours.

Regional V-Convention

To reach out to our markets that may not have the opportunity to join the flagship event, The V family introduces the Regional V-Convention.

The number of participants that it can accommodate is less than the main V-Convention held twice a year, but its standard completely surpasses expectations.

Facilitated by two or more V Partners, it has an impressive lineup of training sessions and motivational speeches specifically designed to suit the region’s networking needs. This event generally lasts for three days.

Road Show or World Tours

To further promote a particular campaign, support a product launch, or bring training events closer to our networks, a series of events take place in the form of Road Shows or World Tours.

In this series, our V Ambassadors go on local domestic travel in a particular city or country and reach out to more people to talk about the business and its products.

Limitless World Tour is also associated with Max Out World Tour held in 2019.


It is The V’s flagship and signature event where thousands of participants gather together.

V-Convention is a five-day event which features leadership, motivational, and product trainings, and also highlights product and services exhibition. This event helps the leaders realise their limitless potential and experience their most awaited “Click” moment.

Going to a V-Convention is fundamental for the network leaders to witness first-hand the magic and life-changing capability of this journey. It is where they can also learn more about the core values that our V Ambassadors have always promoted.

V-Convention has inspired thousands of leaders to reach for greater heights, and has been held in various countries around the world.

V Leadership Camp (VLC)

For those who have their eyes set on pursuing V Ambassadorship, V Leadership Camp serves a good first step. This camp gives IRs the chance to enrich themselves through a comprehensive leadership training.

VLC is a 3-day training program which aims to train network leaders on efficient business planning and enhance their communication skills and character development.

Spearheaded by the Regional V Partners (RVPs), a VLC is set to produce effective network leaders who will eventually establish their position in the network.

Business Presentation

It serves as a platform for both product trainings and business sales pitch events. This training event aims to introduce our products and the compensation plan to potential Independent Representatives (IRs).

Online Events


V-Convention Connect

V-Convention Connect is one of biggest, grandest, and greatest event ever of The V.

V-Convention Connect is a three-day event which showcases the life-changing stories of success of The V family that will surely inspire you to move forward in your network marketing journey!

The latest #VCC2021 had over 500,000 participants who tuned in LIVE ONLINE from over 50+ countries worldwide.

V Connect Presents Talk of the Town

The way we connect constantly changes. As we continue to re-invent and re-imagine the boundless possibilities of our digital connections, we are gearing up once again for a threshold of industry innovation—V CONNECT Presents TALK OF THE TOWN.

In this bi-monthly online event to be hosted via ZOOM, we deliver top-notch business training by setting an interactive, engaging platform where top leaders get candid and in-depth on essential topics that global entrepreneurs need to know.

V Connect

Success requires innovation and strives for growth. As our pioneer online event, V Connect has served as one of the steadfast solutions to stay connected with The V family and keeps us united despite any challenges or distance. We have proven how unbreakable our bond is as one family, and we consistently drew thousands and broke records with each V Connect amongst various regions.

Stay safe and connected as always with V Connect.

V Elite Training Connect (VET Connect)

Become a certified V Elite Leader with the V Elite Training Connect. Step up your leadership skills, learn better business strategy, and become the limitless leader you are born to be. Join The V in this exclusive VET certification program online. To qualify, make sure to comply with the criteria and complete all requirements. Follow our social media pages to stay updated with VET Connect.

ISB Connect

Service Above Self and Beyond the Distance. ISB Connect is exclusive for ISB graduates and serves as an online platform for the InService Brotherhood. Fulfil your duty as InService wherever you are and keep moving forward no matter what. Spearheaded by Chief, Alpha, Delta, Falcon, Gamma, and the rest of the InService Brotherhood, ISB Connect takes place monthly where wisdom and experiences are shared to inspire everyone's self-growth.

The Zone Connects with Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran

Exclusively for The Zone graduates, this online event is hosted by our visionary and esteemed Founder, Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran. This event aims to motivate everyone to become the servant leader that we're all trained to be. The Zone Connects encourages its graduates to empty their cup and always strive to learn new things.

V Educate Connect

At the core of our company is the concept of RYTHM (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind). To carry out this mission through this business, we take loyalty, integrity, and professionalism to heart. V Educate Connect is an exclusive online event that instills the importance of fulfilling our vision and building our business through utmost professionalism and ethical practices.
Featuring essential talks from our esteemed V Ambassadors, this event aims to strengthen and enhance everyone’s networking skills without compromise.

V Leadership Advancement Program

The V Leadership Advancement Program is open to all IRs who want to learn more about the QNET's Business Essentials, Products and the importance of The V to improve their skills, become stronger and more capable future leaders of The V. Participants are not required to fulfill the criteria set for VET Connect but will have access to the whole 3 days of training. VLAP participants who wishes to step up to The V Leadership Path, must fulfill the V Elite Leaders Criteria within the one year grace period.