Associate V Partner

Vasu & Renuka Reddy

It was AVP Vasu who invited AVP Renuka to join The V Family. Since then, this couple has made waves in their network. As a married couple and business partners, their support for each other in their work is what led them to each other’s success.



“When I joined, it wasn’t a great start. There were many challenges, and instead of running away, I faced them,” AVP Vasu Reddy said. “I realised then that when things get worse, it means you’re growing. There’s nothing to lose, so don’t quit until you make it.”

AVP Vasu said that changing his perspective on things made him realise what was important. It was only when he started attending trainings and V-Conventions that he understood the potential of the business. “I realised that I could change not just my own life, but the lives of many people as well,” he said.

“It is a great feeling to be recognised for all the efforts you make into helping others become successful. I feel as if I’m on top of the world.” AVP Vasu shares that he plans on expanding his efforts to reach more people across the globe and become an inspiration to many.

At his side is AVP Renuka Reddy. “Women out there, whether you are a mother or not, you can achieve recognition,” she said. “Your husband or partner’s success isn’t yours; you can have your own if you work for it as well.”

To be successful, AVP Renuka emphasises the need to have clarity with what you want. “Some things may be difficult to achieve, but it is never impossible. Just focus on your dreams. You can be a mother and a wife, and still be a successful entrepreneur. Keep learning, and you will succeed.”

As a mother, AVP Renuka wants to be an example to her daughter and her community. “I want my success to inspire others to start their journey to their own success.”

If there’s one thing in common between AVP Vasu and AVP Reddy, it’s that they take everything as a challenge. They are both dedicated in their work and have a clear vision of how to succeed. They are an unstoppable couple, ready to lead others to success.