Associate V Partner

Pubudu Perusinghe

“Build to last, stronger than before.” AVP Pubudu Perusinghe perceives success from a new perspective every single day. “It must be part of our growth to change and reach for bigger goals.”



Attending his Upline’s training immediately gave Associate V Partner Pubudu Perusinghe one of the best turning points in his life. “We were asked to write down 20 dreams that we want to achieve in the next five years. I only came up with 11, but that’s when I started to plan my life.”

We always begin with creating dreams that we thought is possible within our current means. AVP Pubudu emphasises how having big dreams is just as possible as having small dreams. “Learn to practice paradigm shift. You may think some of your big dreams won’t happen because of what you can do at this moment, but you will grow. In the long run, challenges will make you stronger. It’s necessary for our growth.”

From being in a traditional job to becoming a network marketing entrepreneur, AVP Pubudu strives for higher goals every single day. “If I was able to make an impact in people ‘s lives before, I hope to do so in the future as well.” Achieving success is a journey that requires you to take each step while still being a dreamer. “Dreams drive us to move forward no matter what. As long as you know your purpose, you can make a difference in the world.”