Associate V Partner

Neeraj Raghunand and Shipra Neeraj

“Understanding is essential in the growth of individuals and your relationship with one another. “ AVP Neeraj Raghunand and AVP Shipra Neeraj encourage you to take the journey towards success with a new perspective and compassion.



Conquering challenges together is not a unique thing for Associate V Partner Neeraj Raghunand and Associate V Partner Shipra Neeraj. “When some people were doubting my decision, my husband supported me wholeheartedly and said that I can do it. I gave my 100% and let others see my growth.” AVP Shipra highlights how your own attitude can inspire everyone to join our business.

“It was an odd beginning. What motivated me to sign up before was only to support my wife. Today, I realised that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” AVP Neeraj shares his turning point in this journey. Since taking the network marketing venture together, they have built their team based on how they support each other. “Being one unit has always been my focus. Keep motivating each other, and never allow anyone to be demotivated,” AVP Neeraj says. AVP Shipra adds, “Always support each other during good and bad times.”

You cannot build a successful business without a system founded on strong vision, proper values, and principles. “When you build a business, constantly work on building yourself. The goal for us is to make sure that people grow as we all achieve our dreams. You are at the right place, hand, and people. This is a platform where you can earn while becoming a better version of yourself.” Now that they are exemplary leaders in their markets, both AVP Neeraj and AVP Shipra hope to bring more people to the level of success they have gained, and beyond.