Associate V Partner

Ibn Abbas Soliman

Before Associate V Partner Ibn Abbas joined QNET, he had already lost his father at the tender age of 19, “which had a big effect on me,” he said. “My main goal became to have a good job with a good salary, and to make it big in my life.” But more importantly for him, “I […] wanted to be worth carrying my dad’s name, to make my mom proud of me, and to be able to help my family” of four brothers and sisters.



“I embraced a career of being a computer engineer for a few years,” he recalled, upon acquiring his Computer Science degree, but he described his salary as simply “miserable”. In spite of his education and the hard work it took to earn his official certificates, he could not achieve his dream. But with this monotonous routine, he was struggling to save some money for marriage.

When QNET was presented to him, his response was prompt: “I collected the required amount and joined immediately.” When many people hesitated or delayed their journey to financial freedom, Ibn Abbas quickly saw his opportunity.

However, he was greeted by many obstacles at the door. He had “difficult beginnings”, with results not materializing until more than two years later. Furthermore, his family was unsupportive of his venture. But worst of all, he had to leave his children to be able to provide for them. “When I started to build new markets out of my country Sudan, I had to leave my family for months and settle in new countries: from UAE, to Syria, to Qatar, to Egypt… my kids were very young and each time I came back home after long months out, my kids weren’t recognizing me, and that was so painful, but I kept going on because I was doing this business for them and for my family.” But eventually his perseverance paid off: he was able to stay with his family after roughly three years in the business.

Throughout his trial by fire, AVP Ibn learned to enjoy and cherish his experiences, both the milestones and the challenges. “I [enjoy] my journey in QNET because [there is] no routine at all… every day I was learning new things and meeting new people. And I enjoyed it more when I learned how to make my beloved ones (my family, my friends, or my partners) achieve their own dreams. I [enjoy] my journey in QNET because it gives [me] hope that a nobody can become somebody.” Another advantage of being in QNET was the bountiful guidance he received from his uplines that he was not able to experience as a conventional employee.

His most valued traits – hard work, discipline, and commitment – were life lessons he inherited from his father. With his vision and work ethic, he believed he was “Born to Be a Networker”, and proud of it. Best of all, he allowed QNET to refine his individual skills and qualities further: “self-confidence, anger management, integrity, generosity, kindness, and being emotionally open.”