Associate V Partner

Hameed Khazaal Ghailan

To lead by example has been AVP Hameed Khazaal Ghailan’s mantra since he joined The V and QNET in 2006.



“In this business, you cannot achieve your dreams unless you help other people realise their own dreams.” For Associate V Partner Hameed Khazaal Ghailan, network marketing is not just an avenue to create your income. It’s a lifestyle that you must learn to embody and share with others. “I felt that this business touched my spirit through the vision of RYTHM, Raise Yourself To Help Mankind.”

AVP Hameed owned two companies, trading mobile devices and currency exchange, when he first joined this industry in 2006 while building his team and learning as a network marketing entrepreneur. He shares how going to a V-Convention in 2007 inspired him to commit 100% and focus on this business. “I saw the V Ambassadors onstage as they shared the vision of QNET and The V in the global market. It was then that I started to realise my dreams and the dreams of my partners.”

AVP Hameed encourages everyone to strengthen the teamwork within your network. “Build leaders who can take responsibility and embrace leadership. Cultivate the culture of dealing with challenges and achieving success as one family.” To become a successful networker, know your reason and your products well. “People don’t simply buy your products. They trust why you offer the product,” he says.