The V opens the V Leadership Camp, which aims to give IRs the chance to grow and enrich themselves through a comprehensive leadership training program. This 3-day program aims to train budding network leaders on efficient business planning, goal-setting, communication skill enhancement, and character development. It also aims to create leaders that follow the servant leadership. To be led by Regional V Partners, the program is set to produce effective network leaders that will eventually establish their position as network influencers.


  1. MUST be in the business for at least 18 months
  2. MUST secure recommendations from their V Ambassador Upline and an RVP
  3. A supporting recommendation from any Global Business Development representative MUST also be obtained
  4. Should there be any exemption from any of the criteria mentioned above, IR MUST obtain an approval from an RVP


  1. For those who have their eyes set on V Ambassadorship, this camp serves as a good first step.
  2. Graduates will now be eligible to attend the InService Brotherhood Bootcamp.


The V believes in continuous progress, and this can only be attained if opportunities for advancement are provided for our V Ambassadors. As shown in the diagram below. an independent Representative can attain V Elite Leader status once he or she has completed the V Advancement Programs successfully. once they gain membership in V Elite Leader’s pool, they re now eligible to be nominated into the V Council.

From this point forward, any upward movement will be dependent on nomination and performance evaluation. Each level up requires a much tougher and stringent evaluation process, and also means that more responsibility is being undertaken by a V Ambassador. Benefits and privileges of each level of V Ambassadorship will be discussed in detail in the following chapters.


V Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran has once said that whether one is born a leader or pressed into being one, proper training is still very much needed. As leadership is an endeavor that requires passion, commitment, and discipline, those who seek to become great leaders need to empty their cup and be willing to improve themselves. Thus, The V opens the V Leadership Camp, which aims to give IRs the chance to grow and enrich themselves through a comprehensive leadership training program.

As showcased by its logo, V Leadership Camp promotes a proactive response to The V’s call for leaders. The running man stands for courageous individuals who are in constant pursuit of greatness and are willing to take on the challenge to take a bigger leap toward success. The flag being carried by the running man stands for one’s pride and honor in facing the challenge to become great and be of service.

Aside from the commanding central element, the logo also features a pair of wings that stand for the program’s mission to carry those who are part of the program toward the right path to achieve success and greatness as leaders. The wings also connote a sense of preparedness in taking flight for bigger missions and challenges, such as making a difference in the world.

Just like any other journey, The V Leadership Camp embraces the presence of challenges and adversities, which is represented by the pointed mountains in the background. But as the V Leadership camp pushes to develop leaders who can manage problems and promote solutions, these barricades then become stepping-stones in order for them to reach the pinnacle of success.

With these, the program then becomes a holistic avenue for leaders to tap into their potential for greatness and service. The logo presents this through the circular orbit at the center, which features cosmic details and The V logo to stand for excellence and our core values.


Middle East
Days to go

V Leadership Camp

8-10 December 2016 · Fee: USD 250
  • VP Sathi Senathirajah

  • AVP Dev Johl

Southeast Asia
Days to go

V Leadership Camp

6-8 September 2016 · Fee: USD 200
  • VP Adly Hassan

  • AVP Rosli Ismail

Days to go

V Leadership Camp
Ivory Coast

29-31 July 2016
  • VP Sathi Senathirajah

  • AVP Dev Johl

Coming Soon:

V Leadership Camp

Coming Soon:

V Leadership Camp
Sri Lanka

Coming Soon:

V Leadership Camp Turkey

Coming Soon:

V Leadership Camp


All graduates of the V Leadership Camp will bring home with them these exclusive items




ID Card

For further details, send an email to VLC@the-v.net