What is V-Con? And is it for me?

The V-Convention is a grand annual gathering hosted by The V. It is open to all IRS of QNET who wish to gain a better sense of their network marketing journey. It will present its attendees with a series of motivational speeches, product training sessions, and other well-thought activities that will help hone the skills and build the character of IRs. Moreover, this event should allow you to realize that The V is a partner who will be with you throughout your network marketing journey—making sure that you reach your ultimate goal of gaining financial freedom.

Whether you just signed up or have been in the business for several years, V-Con is one V event you should definitely attend as it makes you realize your dreams, cultivate your passion, and harness the drive and commitment needed to succeed in one’s network marketing business.

What To Expect

The 5-day convention to be held at Hamdan Sports Complex, Dubai, UAE is expected to gather thousands of dreamers from around the world, who are more than ready to Evolve. Empower. Enrich.

In case you still have no clue what to expect from such a record-breaking event, watch the official teaser on VTube+ here!



Know more about Hamdan Sports Complex, home for V-UAE 2016.

We made history in V-UAE 2015 as we staged the very first V-Con to be held in Dubai. Thus, as we Evolve. Empower. Enrich., Hamdan Sports Complex (HSC) will once again be witness to yet another historic event in network marketing as we hold V-UAE 2016 at the state-of-the-art arena on 20 to 24 of September 2016.

Covering a sprawling 24-hectare land, HSC stands like a futuristic oasis along Emirates Road. A well-manicured landscape surrounding the complex allows HSC’s striking blue hue to stand out. Known for its swimming facilities, HSC is known globally to host world-class swimming competitions and events. Moreover, HSC’s advanced pool technology allows the complex grounds to convert to an arena fit for international conventions and exhibitions. It can accommodate up to 15,000 spectators—making it a perfect fit for the upcoming V-Con that is set to break records once again.

Another unbelievable feature of HSC is their eco-friendly structure. It boasts solar-powered outdoor lights, a maintained sun-controlled 27°C pool temperature, and optimized exterior glass panels that let natural light in.

With the amazing things HSC has to offer, there is no doubt that we can expect no less than a life-changing V-UAE 2016.