A Look at The V’s Proud History

There can never be enough said about the world’s explorers, and how their courage and vision—often ridiculed and labelled as insane by people in their time—defined the milestones of history. Indeed, human nature will always point to the tried-and-tested way, where the risks are much lower and the results are more predictable. But as we have seen in the likes of Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan and Christopher Columbus, the courage to risk all and venture where no man has gone before can reap unimaginable rewards, to say the least.

The age of empires and conquerors may have ended centuries ago, but the spirit of the old-world explorers lives on even in modern times. And just like in those ancient times, it is that intrepid spirit that moves the world forward. Today, in virtually every field we can find mavericks who dared to challenge the status quo, risked being branded as lunatics, and eventually wrote their names on the history books by proving everyone wrong. These are the people to whom we owe the world as we know it.

The amazing thing is that we need not even look far to find such people. Because the V family itself is a 7 million-strong band of explorers who have, for over a decade now, epitomised what it means to have a vision that no one else can see, and the courage to make that dream come true against all odds.

The birth years
From the very beginning, The V has never been anything but daring. In 1998, a crushing economic recession was sweeping across most of Asia, with many of the developing nations in the Asia-Pacific region bearing the brunt of the crisis. For many, this was the worst time to embark on any new business ventures—let alone something that was completely out of the traditional.

And yet, despite this, in the Philippine capital city of Manila, four modern-day explorers got together and decided to turn things around. Seeing how the economic crisis was causing unemployment everywhere, they realised that it was the perfect opportunity to introduce people to an unorthodox, non-traditional way of earning your keep. They were Network Marketing professionals who called themselves the “V Team”, and what they had to offer was a business that virtually contradicted every existing norm but promised unimaginable financial, emotional and spiritual rewards to anyone who had what it takes to succeed.

In the eyes of most people, what the “V Team” offered was a risky proposition. But to those who had big dreams, it was a chance to achieve financial freedom and make history in the process. And so, in 1998, while the entire Asian continent stood frozen and waited to see how the economic crisis would play out, the four visionaries— Vijay Eswaran, Joseph Bismark, TG Kintanar and Donna Imson —took action. They took 1,500 networkers under their wing and founded their own Network Marketing company.

In less than 12 months, this company expanded across Southeast Asia, while making its presence felt in Europe as Mr. Bismark himself flew to Finland as a trade delegate. V Team, who comprised the “grand upline” of the newly formed network, eventually incorporated and became the network’s official training and marketing arm, assuming the brand name, The V.

By the last quarter of 1999, as the Asian economic crisis began to show signs of easing up, the company had already made remarkable headway in the growth of its business. And as the world prepared to welcome the new millennium, the courage and vision of the four founders had already begun to see light; their intrepidness had begun to pay off, and the company was on its way to bigger things.

New century, new horizons
As the new millennium rolled in, word that the Asian economic crisis was over began to spread. However, many parts of the continent were still feeling the effects of the crisis, and many traditional businesses continued to cower in the face of uncertainty about the future. But not The V. Like a true explorer, the company saw opportunity in this uncertainty, and seized the day.

Between 2000 and 2003, expansions took place in nearly every aspect of the company. After QNET partnered with the German minting company, B.H. Mayer, company went on to forge strong relationships with several prestigious personalities and organizations, from which was born an extensive line of gold collectible medallions, known as the JR Mayer Collection, which played a key role in bringing prestige to the company. And The V was right there with QNET the whole time. As far as the growth of the network is concerned, the early 2000s saw the V family reaching such far-flung places as Australia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe—a phenomenon that inevitably spawned the most celebrated traditions in The V: the V-Convention and the Regional V-Convention (or ReV-Con). While all these were happening, the leadership of The V (who have since become known as V Partners) grew from the original four, to seven highly successful, charismatic catalysts of change.

Coming of Age
By the mid-2000s, it was clear that The V was more than just a training company, it was a champion of opportunity. And so, a conscious decision was made, to take the business where change was most needed: the developing countries of the world. In so doing, The V solidified its role as an equalizer—promising success to anyone who deserves it, regardless of race, gender, culture, educational attainment or wealth. The founding mission of RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) was now more pronounced than ever, and the vision of touching 1 billion lives moved ever closer to being realised.

Meanwhile, as QNET continued to expand its product lines to include travel services, telecommunication products and wellness products, among others, The V had also brought its role as leader and mentor to its network to a whole new level. By 2006, the most successful men and women in The V had joined forces to form a powerhouse team of professional business trainers and motivational speakers, which comprised V Partners, Associate V Partners and V Council members. All together, they are called the V Ambassadors. Their primary roles were to travel the world and ensure that the millions of members of the V family were constantly informed of the most effective business building techniques, and always “switched on” to hurdle any challenges that stood in their way. Along with the formation of this leadership team came a marked increase in activity; The V’s event calendar became riddled with appointments—from the V-Conventions and ReV-Cons to NSS, World Tours, leadership camps and other motivational events.

By the close of 2007, The V’s corporate presence was firmly established in several countries, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and India; while its network included millions of names from nearly every continent around the world.

A decade and beyond
As The V prepared to commemorate its 10th anniversary, the company had much to rave about, considering how far it had gone—literally and figuratively—in so short a time. But for the V family, resting on one’s laurels has never been, and never will be, an option. And so, as the company crossed into its second decade, the only thing on everyone’s mind was exploring new frontiers.

From 2008 up to the present, the V Ambassadors grew even stronger, with the appointment of more V Partners, Associate V Partners and V Council members. On top of this, a fourth tier of leaders, known as V Elite Leaders, was formally created, making The V all the more effective in reaching out to the now 7-million-strong network. Mass media became a major vehicle for The V to make itself known to the world, as the mother company, QI Ltd., entered into high-profile sports sponsorships. Not even cyberspace was left unexplored during this period, as The V utilised the Internet to the hilt in reaching out to the network; aside from a feature-packed website, The V also made its debut in the online social media scene with numerous accounts that continue to grow in membership, exponentially, to this day.

Without a doubt, the history of The V has been marked with feats of daring, where the company and its leaders braved uncharted frontiers, armed only with their dream of touching 1 billion lives, and the rock-solid will to achieve that dream no matter what the cost. And while that dream remains just short of reality to this day, the fact remains that The V has etched its name in history as the company that empowered the world’s citizens to take charge of their own destinies. Just like the great explorers of the past, the V family has taken the world into a new age, and sealed the doors shut, so that no one may ever find themselves back in the past.

But The V is only 16 years old. By any standard, the company still has its whole life ahead of it. As such, one can only ask: who knows what else The V will accomplish in the coming years?