The V Partners


Consist of the founders of the QI Group and the pioneers of the company and the network; their position is highly revered and respected by both corporate and network people alike.


V Founder Dato' Sri Vijay Eswaran

A man of great vision, V Managing Partner and Founder Dato' Sri Dr. Vijay Eswaran embraces truth and spirituality with a kind of passion that's unknown to many.


V Founder Joseph Bismark

A co-founding director of multimillion dollar global conglomerate QI Ltd and V Founding Partner, Joseph Bismark is a leader to thousands of entrepreneurial aspirants, as well as having a history of spirituality and a deep experience in the martial arts.


V Partner TG Kintanar

In his years of formidable service to The V, V Partner Tagumpay P. Kintanar has made it his sole purpose to dedicate himself to continuously exploring ways to provide practical and profitable products and services to QNET’s growing network.


V Partner Donna Marie Imson-Lecaroz

V Partner Donna Marie Imson-Lecaroz is one of those people who naturally stand out in a crowd not only because of their striking beauty and quiet grace, but because of the way they naturally exude joie de vivre.


V Partner Ranjit Singh

A network marketing leader with decades of treasured experience under his belt, V Partner Ranjit Singh clings steadfastly to the importance of time and taking charge of one’s life NOW and he very well makes sure that his message is communicated clearly through his trainings.


V Partner Kuna Senathirajah

V Partner Kunaseelan Senathirajah started off as an accomplished corporate executive with strong background in Marketing and Research before becoming a powerhouse networker.


V Partner Pathman Senathirajah

A graduate of University of London, V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah held a position in Legal for a period of time before working fulltime in network marketing.


V Partner Arun George

Sometimes you need to be shaken out of your comfort zone to realize that the grass is much greener and more fulfilling elsewhere.


V Partner Adly Hassan

VP Adly is a man of dreams and conviction. He was introduced to QNet by his brother, and his life took a most unexpected turn. Just a few years later, having worked his way up the corporate ladder with grit and tenacity.


V Partner Sathi Senathirajah

It was only a matter of time before a young and sprightly VP Sathi got involved in QNet after his over-enthusiastic brother -- none other than our Chief Pathman introduced him to it in the early years of the then GoldQuest.


V Partner Ferdie Tolentino

As a young man of potential yet untapped, VP Ferdie Tolentino, had a very simple dream: that of a stable and happy life for his wife and family. Today, his life is far from simple and his wealth, far from ordinary.


V Partner Cherian Mathew

Feeling stagnant and the need for extra income for his growing family exponentially increasing day by day, it was truly a blessed day in October 2000 when a former classmate of VP Cherian presented him with the QNET opportunity!


V Partner David Sharma

Wherever V Partner David Sharma goes, success and recognition are sure to follow. Prior to joining The V, he made a name for himself in the garment manufacturing and export business.


V Partner Mahendra Kumar

After nine long years of working at a largely successful multinational company in Bahrain.


V Partner Dr. Motaz Qais

V Partner Dr. Motaz Qais had a lively childhood, which soon developed into a global life journey: grew up in Damascus, migrated to Dubai in his teens, finished Dentistry in the Philippines, and then studied his Masters in Cairo.


V Partner K Padma

Working as a traditional textiler in India, she was a mother of two and saw little chance of living her dreams if she had remained where she was. So when presented with the QNET opportunity, she was delighted to find out this could be the big break she had been hoping for to achieve for herself and her family.


V Partner Hendra Nilam

The difference between QNET and V Partner Hendra Nilam's previous business is that in QNET, VP Hendra Nilam has now more freedom and happiness.


V Partner Dev Wadhwani

V Partner Dev Wadhwani was a big cynic, as are most people, when he first came to know of QNET – until he got to know the company in all its greatness.


V Partner Devindar Singh Johl

Spending his initial working years working as a F&B Director in a 5-Star Hotel in Singapore, V Partner Dev has truly come a long way from what he used to be.