Associate V Partner Devindar Singh Johl

AVP Dev deems his announcement as AVP as one of his proudest moments thus far, shadowed only by the birth of his two beautiful sons – Karan and Jay. One of the other achievement of which AVP Dev is proud of is when he, as Number 1, backed by the InService Brotherhood – manage to run VCON smoothly year on year.

He also explains that the formula which he puts most faith in is Dream + Hardwork = $U¢¢£$$. He also elaborates that every person must not let ‘rejections’ win over their dreams. Being let down is a part of daily life and letting it control you is the biggest mistake that most people make. Learn from it and get over it!

AVP Dev counts his many blessings prime, of which are his amazing parents who shower their undying support on him. In addition, his loving wife – Malti Johl and crazy cool kids Karan and Jay bring him all the joy in the world. Also, not forgetting his two brothers Roop and Venu who always got his back no matter the situation.

In the little time that AVP Dev is not travelling to spread the success of QNet, he enjoys little things like spending time with his boys doing what they want to do and just relaxing with close ones.

AVP draws inspiration form the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and deems the humility of Sachin Tendulkar exemplary and admirable. In the next few years, AVP Dev aspires to become a better networker, make his team the best and continue to Touch A Billion Hearts through QNET and The V.