Why You Should Bookmark the #VCON17 Microsite

The V-Malaysia 2017 fever is getting hotter by the minute as more and more dreamers are claiming their rightful spot at the most unbelievable event in network marketing history. And if you cannot contain your excitement, or still haven’t decided on why you should go, the official V-Malaysia 2017 microsite is here for you! This online gem houses everything you need to know about #VCON17, keeping you constantly in the loop with all the latest news and updates!

Can’t wait to browse the V-Malaysia 2017 microsite? Here are five awesome features that will make it your new online habit:

  1. You can select your language of choice.

    For a more personalized browsing experience, we have provided an option to select your language of choice. You can view the whole microsite in English, Arabic, Bahasa-Indonesian, French, Russian, and Turkish.

  2. Be updated with the latest V-Malaysia 2017 news and updates.

    Don’t want to miss all the latest from V-Malaysia 2017? Watch this space, and never miss a beat from the much-awaited event. You also get full access to everything you need to know about our great line-up of speakers!

  3. See the latest #VCON17 videos from VTube+

    Your eyes will surely be glued to the screen as we gather all must-watch V-Con videos just for you! The neat categories should come in handy with that V-Con video marathon you’ve been planning with your team!

  4. You can download exclusive #VCON17 wallpapers.

    Keep all your mobile devices #VCON17-ready with downloadable wallpapers for your phone, tablet, and desktop!

  5. You can purchase your #VCON17 tickets.

    Seal that unbelievable #VCON17 experience you’ve been thinking about by easily booking through the microsite’s ticket page.

Want to see more? Watch out for the V-Malaysia 2017 Microsite Walk-Through video on VTube+!

VISIT the #VCON17 microsite TODAY!

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