Why You Should Attend V-UAE 2017!

For IR Manika Bhardway, the recently concluded V-Malaysia 2017 was a game changer for her business. She knows that she can never have all the things she wanted in life unless she joins the QNET and The V family towards the journey of achieving financial freedom. “I realized that this business that I got into is so big that I have to make sure that I attend every V-Con,” she shares.

“All VPs are amazing. V-Con is full excitement, fun, and laughter. I love V-Con!”

Join us this coming September 8-12, 2017 at Hamdan Sports Complex Dubai and experience the revitalizing energy V-UAE 2017 can bring!

Watch Manika Bhardway’s IR Journey on VTube+ now!
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Youssef Elkhalifi