Why V-Con is A Must

Chief Pathman strongly asserts that attending V-Con is not choice, but a necessity for every networker focused in achieving one’s goals. It is a must because it is one event that will certainly make its participants realize what they are here for. It not only provides essential network marketing knowledge and training, it also presents attendees to gain a deeper understanding on what the journey they have embarked on truly means. More than the business tips to be learned, V-Con is all about that ‘click’ moment that enlightens you on the reason you are at V-Con, and on what should push you to keep going until you turn your dreams to reality. V-Con is where you come home to the company of fellow dreamers that also aim for financial freedom. This is where you realize that you are never alone in this journey, and that you have that limitless potential for greatness.

Simply put, you must go to V-Malaysia 2017 because it is where you belong. And we look forward to seeing you from 3 to 7 May 2017 at SPICE Arena, Penang, Malaysia.

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