What Your Objective Says About You

The pursuit of success exposes who you truly are. Whether it is success in business or health, it all must begin with a certain objective. V Partner Arun George shares his first goal when he decided to work-out. “I want to reduce weight,” he shares.

V Partner Arun George reminds us that “being healthy does not necessarily mean being slim.” Start doing things which are comfortable for you. V Partner Arun George tells us that he began working out by simply doing 15 minutes of exercise bicycle daily. You may increase the duration as you decrease your weight.

It is also good to weigh yourself everyday. “The results can motivate us to do more whether it is in business or for our health. It will encourage us to stick to our routine,” he shares. So if you’re going to start working out, make sure to watch what you eat, and begin with a routine that is comfortable for you.

Drop the excuses and other justifications you have. “You need to pursue your activities even if you don’t like doing it.” The same principle applies both in business and health. Start working without limiting yourself with excuses.

To learn more about being fit and healthy, watch this newest episode of Body Coach: Your Body Doesn’t Lie featuring V Partner Arun George..

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