Welcome To VTube+ Logo Hunt!

Introducing the latest promo from The V, The VTube+ Logo Hunt!

Purchase and subscribe to the most affordable RSP product available in the market now to qualify! This promo is available for 6 and 12-month subscriptions only so better make sure to check out with those durations. 

So what is this VTube+ Logo Hunt, and why should you join it?

VTube+ Logo Hunt requires you to look for its logo in all our shows.

Once spotted, send us an email with the screenshot of the frame with the logo to vcomm@the-v.net. Your email subject should be (VTube+: VTube+ Logo Hunt). Don’t forget to include your full name and IR ID number! There will be two winners weekly which will be announced every Friday. Winners will be chosen according to their entry number. For example, entry numbers chosen for next week are 2nd and 106th, the 2nd and 106th sender of the screenshot will win the prizes. Cut off time of sending your emails is every Thursday, at 5pm HKST. Easy, right?

Now get your pen and paper and take note of the entry numbers for the whole duration of the promo below:



August 08 – August 11

1st and 100th

August 14 – August 18

15th and 71st

August 21 – August 25

98th and 14th

August 28 – September 01

19th and 68th

Winners will be announced every Friday of the week. Prizes are to be claimed at V-UAE 2017 VTube+ Booth. Make sure to present a valid ID together with the email acknowledgment we will be sending.

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*Promo runs from August 07 to September 01, 2017.

**Screenshot showing the logo only will not be accepted. The screenshot should show the entire frame of the video WITH the logo.

***Only those who send their screenshots via vcomm@the-v.net together with the complete details mentioned shall be honored.

****Emails received beyond 5pm HKST every Thursday are considered invalid

*****In case of failure to reach the highest order, the entry number closest to it will be the considered winner. E.g. Highest order is 100th, last email received as per the cut off is just 89th; the 89th sender will be the winner.

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