V-Malaysia 2017 Behind The Scenes With Chief


Chief Pathman Senathirajah takes us on a journey at V-Malaysia 2017. Watch Chief as he introduces each day with optimism and determination to believe in the power of dreams.

With great pride of what the company has build, Chief continues to dare us to raise the bar higher and take inspiration from our V Ambassadors. He also lets us see the men and women who made this unbelievable event possible.

Watch all five videos of “Behind The Scenes With Chief: #VCON17 Day 1,2,3,4 & 5 by Chief Pathman Senathirajah” via the VTube+ app available for download via GooglePlay and AppStore!

Behind The Magic of V-Malaysia 2017

Watch how the Spice Arena come alive on the first day of V-Malaysia 2017!

Where Dreams and Passion Ignite

Feel the intensity of emotions of network marketing warriors!

The Fun and Excitement at V-Malaysia 2017!

Watch the magic of the 3rd day as fireworks light up the Penang night sky!

A Burst of Inspiration On the 4th Day

Witness the limitless potentials of V-Kids and V-Teens!

The Last Day Is The Making of Another Start

Chief Pathman reminds networkers to become extra aggressive in achieving success!

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Jatin Kinra