QNET and The V, Worth Your Effort

“You go to work every day, and you have to do the same tasks every day.”

VC Buddhi Kiriwendala shares how repetitive it was for him to hustle hard for a job in the bank that leaves him with few hours of rest.

Eventually, a realization hit him. He can’t blame anything or anyone for what was happening. He knew that he must decide to make changes in his life, so when he was given the opportunity to join the QNET and The V family, he took the chance.

“To be frank I didn’t understand much about the business, but I saw the green light. I saw the opportunity to continue with my life in this business,” he said.

Now VC Buddhi lives his dreams and sees places and events which he only used to watch on TV before. “Success to me is having a choice,” he concluded.

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