Maximizing Your Potentials

 According to VP Donna Imson-Lecaroz, a lot of people would think that success is measured through possessions like having a house, getting a car, being able to travel and having all the kinds of comfort this life has to offer. Little do they know that true wealth is measured on the journey towards success rather than the destination of getting the rewards. 

So how do we cross the journey of network marketing? VP Donna tells us how.

First, you have to sell the product. “If you want to earn more, sell more,” VP Donna said. Second, you should be able to find sponsors who would want to earn more. It is not an easy task because some would like to remain as customers of the poducts, but it is also important to keep them, VP Donna explains.

Don’t settle. Maximize your potential and follow VP Donna Imson-Lecaroz’s tips in network marketing.

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