ISB VI: We Have Overcome!

Set against the cold weather of a government scout training facility in Katsamonu, Turkey last 24 to 29 March 2011, InService Brotherhood Bootcamp VI challenged not just the participantsbut also the Core ISB.

Originally set to take place in Egypt, the Bootcamp was moved barely a month before it was scheduled to happen due to political developments in the said country. 

Cultural diversity was one of the challenges that the core embraced for this Bootcamp. 252 participants from the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia came, with 70% of them new to the idea of a Bootcamp.  Since most of them are from countries with tropical climate, the weather in Katsamonu, the coldest part in Turkey, posed as another challenge especially during the outdoor activities.
Despite these challenges ISB Bootcamp in Turkey was a true success, not just for the participants who overcame their fears and emerged stronger, but also for the Core ISB.

It was fun, enlightening, invigorating, but definitely not easy; the principle is to have a group of people who can be firm in practicing humility in service, regardless of the situation. After the Event, the ISB graduates thanked the organisers especially VMD Pathman Senathirajah for the very important lessons he imparted during the indoor sessions. They said that they felt different and have realized that teamwork, focus, preparedness are important in this line of work, and of course, putting humility and service above self at the top of their principles .

Thanks to the perseverance of the Core ISB and bearing in mind and heart the triple A principle (Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate), they have endured all the obstacles and emerged victorious.

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