A happily employed, but financially broke engineer who drives other people’s car and live with his mother in law was how V Partner Ferdie Tolentino described himself before he started getting more out of life because of his success in network marketing. He tells about the story of how a fisherman persuaded him about the industry as the fisherman was getting twenty thousand dollars a month, while he used to be an engineer, getting promotions after promotions, but there was no increase in his salary.

“I will not be rich working as an employee,” he says. This is how V Partner Ferdie Tolentino came to be awakened by the idea, that if others can, then he can too. It turns out, he even exceeded expectations for himself. He is now successful not only in the business but in his family life as well. V Partner Ferdie Tolentino, points out how the business brought confidence in him and how it inspired the community as well.

“She looked at my check and said, Ferdie you are very handsome!” This is how V Partner Ferdie Tolentino describes his wife’s reaction. But he also explains that all the good stuff becomes temporary if there will be no consistent hard work for it. For him, more than raising the bar for himself, it is also important to give back to people. “The more you give, the more you receive,” he says.

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