Did You Know: The Sweet Success of Milton Hershey

Establishing Hershey’s as a chocolate brand was built with a mission of offering high quality products. As Hershey quoted, “Give them quality, that’s the best form of advertising.” Be inspired from Milton Hershey’s sweet story of success as we give you a glimpse of his journey in becoming limitless and in raising himself to help mankind.

At the age of fifteen, Hershey began his candy-making career. He apprenticed to a confectioner in Lancaster, Pennsylvania named Joseph H. Royer. With this experience, he was able to acquire skills in making sweets.

Eventually, Hershey borrowed capital from his aunt when he decided to venture opening his own candy shop in Philadelphia. He worked hard to keep his business alive. He would even sell caramels from pushcarts in the streets. In 1882, he got ill and was unable to pay his debts. Hershey sold his business and headed to Denver, Colorado with his father. Here, he learned the importance of adding fresh milk as an ingredient in making caramel products.

He tried opening another shop in Chicago, then moved to New Orleans and in New York. He failed all his business ventures in these cities that he went bankrupt. But when he developed an innovative machinery that helped in mass production of chocolates, the Hershey Chocolate Company finally became a success.

Now, the said company does not only serve as a plain profitable business. With its success, Hershey has dedicated his life in his philanthropic contributions. Today, an institution that provides education and housing for boys was named after him, the Milton Hershey School.

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