Chief’s Wednesday Message 234

Our core activity as warriors of V Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and V Founder Joseph Bismark is to take the business opportunity they’ve provided and share it to the world.

Our duty doesn’t end with signing up people. We have to hold their hand as they begin their journey and help them make their checks. “Every prospect you sign up has the potential to be the next V Partner. Never give up on anyone,” Chief Pathman Senathirajah says.

How many people from our organization have quit? Did we give up too fast on them? When the going gets tough it’s human nature to give up. Be ready to be there to counsel them, ask your upline’s advice on how to inspire them to continue achieving financial freedom.

“The only way somebody can fail in network marketing is when they quit, and if their upline gave up on them too soon.”

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