Breathing the Dream

“It’s a rare opportunity in life to make it.”, VC Hassan Alsoud shares how grateful he is for being part of the QNET family. He points out how important it is to have a vision for people to be able to reach where they want to go and get what they want to achieve. “Our dream is our oxygen,” he says. It is his burning desire that transformed him from being a freelance photographer to one of the most successful earners in the network marketing business.

The great results weren’t immediate. It required dedication and hard work. “I wasn’t CEO when I started.”, he says. Moreover, one of his greatest challenge was how a lot of people would misunderstood the business at first. He discovered that the business is not just about self-reward but part of its philosophy is to help mankind as well.

Wanting to earn money is not enough for VC Hassan. It is true indeed that abundance is not only reflected in personal possessions but should also reflected in how someone can help and inspire others.

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