Around the World: Walking through the city of Vigan, Philippines

Begin your day with a light breakfast at the famous Café Leona. Vigan has a lot of things stored for you, so it is best to start the adventure with some food. Café Leona is a small restaurant and coffee shop with the antique ambiance of the whole town. You can choose from the buffet or order from the menu. Café Leona is inspired from Leona Florentino, a poet, and playwright, who lived in the ancestral home where the restaurant is located during the 19th century.

Take a tour, if you don’t know Jose Rizal, now’s the chance to familiarize yourself with one of the prominent heroes who fought the Spanish colonization in the Philippines through his novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Rizal dedicated the said novels in the memories of Father Burgos trio or more popularly known as the Gomburza. It is derived from their names: Mariano Gomez, Jacinto Zamora, and Jose Burgos. They used to live in Vigan before Burgos was accused of starting a rebellion against the Spanish colonizers after the 1872 Cavite mutiny. The injustice of their execution is what led Rizal to write his historical novels.

From a house to a church, right beside the St. Agustine Parish, one of the oldest churches, is the Bantay Bell Tower. It is an old structure which witnessed the events during the World War II. Tourists are allowed to climb inside the building and enjoy the wonderful view of greenery. While you are at it, you may also take a closer look on the remnants of the past within its walls.

Take a break from all the walking at Leila’s Café. It offers coffee and desserts that are popular among the locals and are always recommended for tourists. Their best seller from the menu is “The Nutty One.” It is a french toast sandwich filled with Chocnut and chocolate syrup. They also have fillings like apple, ube, and cheese.

What’s going to Vigan without having a photo at Calle Crisologo? A trip to Vigan is totally incomplete without taking a detour on this famous street. Calle Crisologo is one of Vigan’s most popular heritage site for it is where you can find ancestral houses built way back in the Spanish period.

End the trip with a walk to Lucy Chan’s Antique House where you can buy antique jewellery and trinkets as well as house decorations. Along the same street, Calle Crisologo, you can also see various furniture shops with Miniature being the most famous stall.

1. Café Leona -
2. Bantay Bell Tower. -
3. The Nutty One (No.7 on the list)-
4. Calle Crisologo -

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