Are those #VCON17 Tickets Within Your Reach?

All you need is 2, 250, 000 points and you get to take home a V-Con ticket! How would you be able to earn as much points? Head on to the VTube+ website, watch and interact! Yes, it is that easy. So if you bought a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription within the promo period, 10 February to 30 April 2017, then now’s your chance!


Points Earned

View Full Video


Upload Video


View a Channel


Comment in a Channel


Follow a Channel


Subscription Approval


Comment on a Video


Create a Channel



  • Note that for viewing videos, a user must watch it until the end for the points to reflect.
  • Admins must approve a video the user has uploaded before getting 600 points. Approval process will happen within 48 hours from the time it was uploaded.
  • Videos will be approved if distinguished acceptable for public consumption.
  • Only one channel can be created per account. 

Aside from the V-Con ticket, you can also win other V Merchandise:

  • 25, 000 points – Pin
  • 70, 000 points – Cap
  • 100, 000 points – T-Shirt
    20 Points