All About The V-UAE 2017 Logo

As we live every waking moment, time is something that our lives are closely intertwined with. How we use it defines its value. In network marketing, time is always of the essence. In pursuit of building relationships and progress, we spare no minute in making sure that we achieve our goals. As The V constantly engages in changing people’s lives, this year’s V-Convention takes on a commanding temporal theme. Headlining as ‘Do It Now’, V-UAE 2017 presents a prime opportunity for networkers around the world to be in tune with the call to be limitless.

Modeled after clockwork, the #VCON17 logo features the continuous progress V-Con focuses to engage its attendees with. With the high energy and passion that is geared to fuel each and every dreamer at V-Con, the logo reveals the special mechanism that energizes it to be an unbelievable event in network marketing. The modern font used that is set up like a beaming marquee becomes a loud and proud invitation to anyone who values their time and turning their dreams to reality. The precise steelwork that is mimicked thru the lines that strike across the logo signify the focus that is required of anyone who wishes to get the most out of V-Con. In anticipation of thousands of networkers coming home to V-Con, the logo adopts a circular shape as it embraces The V’s ever-growing global family.

Shaded with the colour of the sky and sea, the logo bears blue to signify the boundless corners of the world we will reach and explore for limitless possibilities. As blue also symbolizes loyalty, trust, wisdom, and strength, the logo stands for all the things V-Con is constantly built upon. To complement the willful blue, purple is blended in this year’s logo. As a colour that mediates in between blue and red, purple expresses both calm stability and fierce energy. And since we are bringing V-Con to Dubai, it is just fitting to have a colour associated with royalty, power, and ambition. Purple also represents wealth, wisdom, dignity, devotion, peace, and magic—all painting the most unbelievable network marketing event that is V-Con.

Watch the V-UAE 2017 logo magically unfold here!

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Ahmad Nasri

That is really amazing meaning !! Living with V-con values raise the bar higher !