V Partner Donna Marie Imson-Lecaroz

She joined The V in 1998 as a V Partner. Since then, she has evolved with the company and today holds various senior management roles in the QI group. With her immense experience in network marketing, it is of little wonder that VP Donna is considered among the major pillars of The V. Backed by unquestionable savvy in the field of training and development, honed in both local and international shores, VP Donna always gets a rousing reception from her audience anywhere in the world. A picture of empowerment and vitality, VP Donna serves as an inspiration to thousands of men and women in the ever-growing V Family across the globe.

As a V Partner, she firmly believes in the spirit of teamwork, solidarity, and effective communication as the key factors that will lead The V into the realisation of its vision to become the global leader in network management and training in the industry. Her flawless wisdom, guidance, and support combined with the individual attributes of the other V Partners, direct and sustain the The V’s mission to provide opportunities for change, growth, and development for those who seek it.