V Partner Adly Hassan

When he finally said yes to networking with QNET and The V, complete transformation happened. He started out as a hands-on leader which turned out to do more harm than good when his market started crumbling down. “I’ve led my people by doing everything, which was a huge mistake. I didn’t realize that I was spoiling them. When they began to leave I started complaining, that’s when Japa taught me that if you are a good upline, your downlines will never leave you,” he shares.

This crisis didn’t stop him from rebuilding his network again. “Delegation, assigning tasks are very important in leadership. My market failed because I wasn’t able to build a strong network,” V Partner Adly Hassan says. 

When probed to explain why he continued the business amidst all the adversities that he had to face, he says that it’s because he has seen the heart of the founders. “Our founders genuinely care. I’m a man who’ll honor his word therefore, I will fight for this business. I care about the promise I gave to my downlines no matter the price I have to pay.”

It was no surprise that his inspirations in the networking business are V Founder Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, V Founder Joseph Bismark and Chief Pathman Senathirajah. For the trio possess three unique qualities which together make up a beautiful combination: the visionary, the heart, and the warrior.

V Partner Adly Hassan wants to be remembered as someone who stays true to his words. Seeing how far he has gone from being a timid civil engineer to an applauded speaker on the V-Con stage, his awe-inspiring story is a testimonial to the kind of transformation networking with QNET and The V can provide.