Training Tools

Virtual Upline

Virtual Upline is consists of VTube+ and VShoppe. VTube+ is the improved version of VTube, initially launched in 2007. This isn't just a site where you can see videos straight from The V, now you can be part of it, too! For the first time in network marketing history, we will have a video streaming website dedicated to the network marketing community. You can watch our videos here PLUS watch videos made by other people in the network, too. You can also upload your own videos so you can be seen and heard from across the globe PLUS you can earn points that you can use to redeem various content, benefits, advantages, and more! With VShoppe, you're new online source for shopping with us, you'll be able to shop and redeem products online!

This is another tool for you to bridge the great divide between people, countries, continents, and the vast oceans. Explore VTube+, discover amazing videos, browse thousands of channels and connect with millions of people around the world.

Klik Membership

Enjoy having an extensive networking library at your fingertips with this hot new VTube+ subscription!

Behold our newest VTube+ membership: KLIK! This newest offer allows you to watch and stream VShoppe`s impressive roster of training and motivational DVDs. Complete with a personal account dashboard that keeps track of one`s activities, and playback, KLIK`s uniquely-tailored resources will be a big boon to any networking entrepreneur ready to take the industry by storm!


Arm yourself with KLIK for these amazing benefits!

  • Pick from VShoppe`s DVD collection to watch and stream!
  • Watch your favorite DVD titles as many times as you want!*
  • Bookmark DVD titles that you plan to watch at a later time!
  • Be able to monitor your streaming progress and history with your personal KLIK Account Dashboard!

Membership is active for 6 months!

Voyager Magazine

This quarterly magazine is a great source of entertainment and information. The Voyager Magazine provides stories about successful leaders, new book releases, messages from our Board of Directors, upcoming events, important happenings, V Ambassador news, health and lifestyle other juicy information offering a great variety of reading choices to networkers.


DVD's are excellent training tools that can motivate and inspire new IRs and even those who have been doing the business for years. Learn the secrets to success and how to achieve financial freedom from no less than our very own V Partners. These training tools are exclusively produced by VStudios.

The V Fanpage

Fanpage updates regularly, featuring updates from The V website, The Vine (The V's blogsite), The V's Twitter account, and The V's Pinterest page. Some of The V's staff can also post live updates from their mobile phones like photos of events as they happen.

Email Communications

Our V Communications department handles an ever-growing database of not just V Ambassadors, but leaders on the ground as well, allowing us to send up-to-date information, updates and news in real-time.

We also release the V Weekly Bulletin, an e-newsletter containing the most recent updates from The V and QNET, plus special features from ISB, VTube and Voyager online sites.

If you would like to add your downlines and leaders to the database of recipients, you may send their email information to

SMS/BBM/WhatsApp Communications

The convenient, flexible and seamless integration of messaging service and data access creates the ability to use the handset tool as an extension of the computer. Benefits include the following:

  • Immediate delivery of notifications and alert
  • Guaranteed to be read
  • Reliable; the ability to screen and automatically store messages allows detailed information be re-read and not be forgotten
  • Discreet nature of text messaging ensures the company stays in touch with minimal disturbance